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i need advice on hair things so i’m cutting my hair to be pretty short tomorrow and i’m dying it as well but i’m not sure if i want to dye it red or leave it brown & have an ombré on it or to have pastel tips I DON’T KNOW HAIR MAKES ME NERVOUS

humbuggie: Top 5 of your favorite clothing items

1. my doc martens
2. black oversized flowy pants
3. a blue floral tunic from world market
4. black t-shirt (ish???) dress from H&M
5. black distressed jeans from american eagle

roadkillbarbie: Top 5 make up brands

1. benefit
2. anastasia beverly hills
3. hourglass
4. laura mercier
5. revlon (even though it’s drugstore, revlon is good stuff)

Anonymous: Favorite arctic monkeys albums in order

1. whatever people say i am
2. am
3. suck it & see
4. humbug
5. favourite worst nightmare

this hurt me
sslainte: Your top 5 favorite qualities in me

1. that i’m prettier than you
2. that i’m cooler than you
3. that i’m nicer than you
4. that i’m smarter than you
5. that i’m just overall a better person than you